Golden Dawn is taking over Greece, Evil Jews will be Trampled under Greek Boots

The rise of the Golden Dawn

Jew-controlled AP and Reuters wipe their tears with horror and fear:

“Capitalizing on growing social unrest over record unemployment, resentment against immigrants and rising crime, and planned new government austerity measures, the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party has jumped into third place in popularity among Greek political parties, overtaking the once-dominant PASOK Socialists.”

As other political parties who have sold themselves to the enemy Jew and betrayed their nation are all losing support:

“…Golden Dawn, which won 18 seats in Parliament in the June 17 elections with 6.97 percent of the vote, now has 10.5 percent…”

The Jews at Digital Journal are reporting with sorrow and devastation, how the Jewish raping of Greece is coming to a screeching halt:

“With social unrest expected in September as new austerity measures are introduced and taxes raised again, support for Golden Dawn is likely to increase as they develop their political style. Actions appeal to voters and Golden  Dawn’s on the ground work assisting to fight the many fires that have raged through Greece this summer; their support for Greek citizens that have suffered from crime; and their increasing network of local offices to provide necessary  support are likely to see their support soon enter double digits.”

Golden Dawn is at last liberating their nation and securing a future for their race, by smashing the shackles put on them by International Jewry.

Source: (Jewish?)
National Alliance News: Greece’s Golden Dawn Gains Support As Other Parties Fall

Members of the Greek nationalists in the Golden Dawn raise their right arm in parliament resulting in soiled Jewish diapers. The time of Jewish raping, pillaging and plundering of Greece is ending. The time is coming for the enemy Jew to suffer for all the crimes he has committed, and the ones that he wants to commit.

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