“Jews have to be ejected from our organizations” – Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl

Forbidden for Jews

The Jews are a RACE with specific genetical traits by birth. So happens that those traits are a threat to all life on Earth, eugenically evolved as a survival strategy for the jewish group (of cockroach parasites). This has been proven thoroughly in Kevin MacDonalds book “The Culture Of Critique“. Once you realise this fact, it becomes apparent that working with Jews to solve the Jewish Problem is a suicidal strategy. The problem is not a religion (Judaism) or a political ideology (Zionism). For if that was the case, the Jew could simply change his religion or ideology, like you would change a dirty sports-sock or a wet coat, and in turn jump into a new one. So the Jew sprinkles some baptismal water on himself and says that he is opposed to Israel, whilst still owning a bank or a newspaper and sucking on babies penises, is he a “good jew” now? How is he going to shake off or change out of what is in his blood? How can he unlearn what comes natural to him as a result of thousands of years of Nation-destroying evolution? He still maintains the same inborn, genetical, eternal and unchangeable destructive behavior and needs to be cast out from our midst!

Listen to strategic policy pertaining to this issue being outlined by Carolyn Yeager and Tanstaafl on VoR.

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